Information on Cost to Play

We get many questions each season about the cost to play, so here is the information:

Dues: $110 assuming 80 players register for the season - 20 players per team to cover our costs for fields and officials. Each team plays 9 games and you are welcome to join other teams who need players throughout the season.

As a comparison, ULax Summer League is $105 for 5-6 games with playoffs for top teams. They don't make you join USLacrosse, but you do have to buy a ULax jersey. They are a nationwide organization sponsored by Powell Lacrosse. They ask all players to sign a waiver saying they will not be responsible for injury and you can't sue them for any reason. 

We will revisit this in the future to see if we could handle it the way they do based on the insurance requirements of the facilities we rent.

USLacrosse: $55
We are members of USLacrosse because they insure us. We are able to file claims and get medical reimbursement for injuries on the field because we have this. Everyone needs to be a member of USLacrosse. Even if you have your own medical insurance, you could sue those who run the league, the facility or the officials for medical reimbursement if we don't have this policy. We also have to provide a certificate of insurance to South Suburban and DU, naming them as additionally insured on that certificate to rent fields. All facilities require this.

 We did look into sports team insurance coverage outside of USLacrosse with Nationwide with no deductible and up to $10,000 in coverage. The cost is $83.65 per player assuming 100 players in the league, which is not feasible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Andrea or Amanda.

You can e-mail  us at 

Andrea Palumbo - President - Colorado Women's Lacrosse Association
Amanda Murphy - Vice President - Colorado Women's Lacrosse Association

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